Hi, I'm Pedro Gomes Antunes, AKA PedroDNBR

A committed game developer with a passion for conceptualizing and developing game applications.

About me

Hey there, my name is Pedro. I'm an indie game developer based in Brazil. Passionate about technology since the age of 9, I am a full-stack developer and indie game creator with a keen eye for detail, particularly in optimization and third-party system integration. I began programming at 14 and truly immersed myself in development at 16 when I joined the CEDUP IT technical course.

Since 2014, I've been actively studying game development using the deprecated Blender Game Engine and Unity 4. In 2016, after starting my course, I shifted my focus to web development while maintaining game development as a hobby. In 2021, I was hired as a full-stack developer at Tecimob, followed by a role at Hotels at Home in 2023. Despite these positions, my dream of becoming a dedicated game developer never faded, and now I have decided to fully pursue it.











Unreal Engine 5





Git and GitHub / BitBucket / GitLab



And anything else you throw at my hands


I have independently developed several awesome projects from start to finish. Some of these include:

Click to show moreOnlineShooterCpp

OnlineShooterCpp is a game developed through the Unreal Engine 5 C++ Multiplayer Shooter course.

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Click to show moreMultiplayer FPS Prototype
Multiplayer FPS Prototype

Multiplayer FPS Prototype is inspired by Escape from Tarkov and other hardcore shooters. As it currently lacks many features, it is still in the prototype stage.

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Click to show moreWhac a Mole
Whac a Mole

Whack a Mole is an arcade-style game created as a test for a job application at SENAI.

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Click to show moreThe Tower of Golem
The Tower of Golem

The Tower of Golem is a game created for the game jam 'game_jaaj5', themed around 'Towers'.

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Click to show moreWain's Cat
Wain's Cat

Wain's Cat is a first-person horror game developed as a final project for the CEDUP IT course in 2019.

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Click to show moreCedup Hills
Cedup Hills

Cedup Hills is a first-person horror game developed for a school project at CEDUP.

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Work XP

These are some of the fantastic places where I've had the opportunity to make a difference and achieve success.

Independent Game DeveloperGame Developer

Since 2016, I have been passionately studying and creating games. My dedication to game development has driven me to explore and design various genres, such as racing games, first-person shooters (FPS), Souls-like games, and 2D platformers. Over the years, I have gained extensive experience with multiple game development engines and programming languages.

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C++, C#, Unreal Engine, Unity, Blender and +2 more.
Jun 2016 - Present
Hotels at HomeFull-Stack Developer

Hotels at Home is a provider of direct-to-guest retail programs, offering guests the opportunity to purchase their favorite room amenities and furnishings from their preferred hotels to enjoy long after check-out. The company also provides hotels with a unique opportunity for more personal engagement with their guests.

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JavaScript, .NET Framework, React.js, Node.js and AWS Lambda.
Jun 2023 - Jul 2023
TecimobFull-Stack Developer

Tecimob is a platform offering websites, CRM, and applications aimed at simplifying the daily operations of real estate professionals by focusing on what truly matters: increasing sales and enhancing relationships.

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JavaScript, PHP, React.js, Node.js and Laravel.
May 2021 - May 2023

Let's talk

If you like my work or just want to reach out, feel free to drop me a message. I'll do my best to respond promptly!

Let's talkOr hit me up at: LinkedIn / GitHub / Game Jolt.

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